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meaningful jobs for individuals of all abilities


Dreamers Merchants Coffee Company began in 2015, when Diane Grover learned of the low rate of employment of individuals with a disability. In hopes of creating a future job for her daughter, Mary Ellen, Diane started a coffee company. Today 30 Dreamers can be found in 13 states and both the company and the movement are growing rapidly. Every Dreamers purchase allows us to hire individuals of all abilities in an inclusive environment. In 2017, 4 Dreamers earned wages supporting the Dreamers company and mission. Thank you purchasing our premium quality products and for helping us grow the dream!


Welcome to Dreamers Merchants Coffee Company!
A company like no other!

We are as proud of the bean as we are the Dream! All of our coffee blends are purchased at fair trade pricing. Read more to learn more about each of our blends.



1. What does it cost to own an online store?
At Dreamers our fees are very small at this time. A yearly fee of $70.00 will get you started owning your online store. This fee pays for support, marketing tools, and creation of your Dreamers Online Store. To pay your yearly fee go to You will find the option to pay to become a Dreamer at the bottom of the Company store. Once you have your application in and your fee paid, you will be contacted by a Dreamers Consultant to begin! We also ask that you purchase a starter kit! Our starter kit is ready for you to begin your dream of being an entrepreneur! Ask your Dreamer Consultant about each starter kit! We are happy to customize this starter kit for you! Which we highly recommend. You know your customers better than anyone. And we want you to have what you believe they will want! We also have ongoing monthly kits that you can purchase to continue to grow your business. Ask us about these as well, and we will get you started on your way to growing your Dream! (*Each state has their own rules and regulations for becoming a business. Please refer to your state laws and guidelines to learn how to obtain a business license in your state and the costs that will be incurred.)

2. How do I get my funds?
Your funds will be directly deposited into your bank account if you accept by credit card, or given directly to you if you accept by cash or check.

3. Where do I sign up?
Becoming a Dreamer is a very easy process. You can begin by filling out the application form found here: APPLICATION

4. How do I make my store a success?
Dreamers will be offering you tips and best practices to help you with marketing. The most powerful thing is your personal salesmanship and network. It is critical to remember that our mission is to employ individuals of all abilities in an inclusive environment nationwide. Believing in the mission and helping to teach others the mission is a very important part of being a successful Dreamer.

What is your return policy? All items have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. After careful vetting of our vendors we assure you that they and Dreamers work hard to guarantee a quality product.

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